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Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green


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    Children’s Dentistry in Greater Toledo: Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green

    Bowling Green Pediatric Dental Group provides caring dentistry for babies, children, and young teens in the Bowling Green area.

    Good oral hygiene begins as early as infancy. Our experienced staff is here to guide your child onto a path for a healthy smile. Pediatric dentistry helps your child’s teeth stay healthy, clean, and free of oral health diseases. In addition, our compassionate approach will ensure your child develops a healthy relationship with the dentist.

    Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green is conveniently located on Ridgewood Drive, off West Wooster Street. Schedule your child’s appointment today to get them on the path to better oral health.

    Our Services at Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green

    Maintaining the health of your child’s primary teeth is critical. Neglected cavities may cause problems that affect developing primary teeth. Baby teeth, or primary teeth, serve several functions:

    • Allowing for proper chewing and eating
    • Providing space for developing secondary teeth
    • Permitting normal development of jaw and bone muscles
    • Enabling the development of speech

    As your child grows, we will work alongside you to find the best solutions for their care. Our services include gentle teeth cleanings, dental X-rays, soft tissue management, fillings and cavity care, and much more.

    Most importantly, we are committed to providing your child with a positive dental experience, while alleviating the common anxieties that come with trips to the dentist.

    Dental Financing Options at Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green

    At Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green, we believe every child deserves access to superior dental care.

    Our practice accepts virtually all insurances, as well as major credit and debit cards.

    To learn more about dental financing, consult our staff.

    Pediatric Dentists in Bowling Green, Ohio

    Dr. Frank Pace

    Dr. Amy Augustine

    Every Patient, Every Visit

    We are pioneering a new culture of dentistry with our new standard of setting parameters to monitor each of our patients’ overall health from the moment they are in our care. We are now monitoring vitals, tracking for emergency medication, supplying our offices with defibrillators and other life-saving devices. We provide this general health check-up for all our patients to ensure they do not have unseen issues that require immediate medical attention. We have found this program to be beneficial, as well as life-saving.

    Learn more here.

    Contact Precision Pediatric Dental Bowling Green

    Request an appointment here, or call us at (419)352-2593 to request an appointment with the office.